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How It Works

Slab Jacking Step 1


Mud jacking starts by drilling a series of holes through the concrete slab. Our holes are 1- 5/8” in diameter  and these holes are approximately 4’-6’ apart from each other.

Slab Jacking step 2


We then hydraulically pump our special mud mix into the holes.  Once the void is filled under the slab, the slab begins to rise up to the proper elevation.  Often, there are voids under slabs that need to be filled to stabilize the concrete without raising the slab.

slab jacking step 3


We then clean the surface and place foam plugs in the holes as needed.  The holes are then patched with a special concrete mix, and your concrete is ready to use.

Slab jacked mud jacked concrete lifted concrete sidewalk
before slab jacking much jacking or lifting of concrete

Adam's Mud Jacking and Piering specializes in raising your concrete.  It's what we do. Concrete settling and sinking is quite common. It occurs when the soil, at the time of installation, was not compacted properly, or when water runoff is not channeled properly. While this can be prevented up front, not all contractors follow proper compaction steps. Adam's Mud Jacking and Piering was started to help Home Owners, Commercial, Agriculture, Industrial and Municipal clients alike extend the life of their concrete. And, at a price less than half the cost of replacement. We cut your costs one pump at a time by raising your concrete!

Reduce your liability

  • The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) defines a ‘trip hazard’ as any vertical change of over 1/4 inch or more at any joint or crack.

  • The average person only picks up their feet HALF AN INCH when they walk.

  • It is always less costly to repair your concrete than deal with litigation!

  • Protect your loved ones today with a free site evaluation!


mud jacking causes slips trips and falls

“Being on a fixed income we didn't know what to do.  Ryan came out, explained the entire process and did a wonderful job.  We can now get our cars back up our driveway and walk safely into our home.”

-The Armstrong Family

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